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Different Ear Candles and Their Performance in Ear Candling Treatment

Different Ear Candles and Their Performance in Ear Candling Treatment
The name itself states that the chief materials in the treatment process are the ear candles. Different ear candles as used by the therapists in Brisbane have their unique performance. In a few ear candles, herbs are added. The standard ear candles measure about 230mm in length, some could be longer as well. But when the candles are longer than 230mm, the therapists use scissors for trimming the ash so the ash is prevented from falling on their patients, which could be much dangerous.
In case, someone is suffering from much-blocked sinuses or is having too much wax, then the carefully placed candles take time to burn down. For the cleaner ears, the candles burn down a little quicker. 
Now, let us come across the varied ear candles as used by the therapists for ear candling at their clinics in Brisbane
i. Bee’s Wax Ear Candles
Then best ear candles in the treatment are bee’s wax since these do not drip and release negative ions thus setting up a great healing atmosphere.  These ear candles burn cleanly while emitting a delicious aroma of honey. Despite being the natural renewable source, the therapists are careful since sometimes, powdery residue drops in small amounts from the candles’ bottom as it is lifted out and landed on the ear’s outside. In such situations, the “wet wipes” are used.  The bee’s wax ear candles take 15 to 20 minutes to burn down for a pair.
ii.  Paraffin  Ear Candles
Made out of petroleum oil, the paraffin ear candles clearly burns like meth, but only half the flames are seen, and it emits petroleum fumes in much small amounts. That is why these are cheaper and burns for some time longer. The therapists rarely use them but while using, they take precautions and are always cautious since wax is likely to drip into the ear since there is a significant unburned wax amount filling the candles' tips. Although wax dripping is rare yet the therapist ensures to take effective steps. The paraffin ear candles burn for 15 to 25 minutes for a pair.
 iii. Soy Ear Candles
Soy wax is a renewable and natural source derived from soybeans. By itself, soy wax is extremely soft, so it must be mixed with compatible harder wax so they properly function as the ear candles for the therapy. Since soy wax is having a lower melt point, and the inside the ear the temperature is slightly warmer, so the candles burn hotter. So, the therapists are careful as the soy ear candles have a somewhat higher flame that might scare the patients. Since they burn somewhat quicker, so their performance is soon. So, the burning time is  10 to 15 minutes for a pair.
 iv. Newspaper Ear Candles
 Newspaper rolled ear candles in cone shape is lit and is among the most practiced ear candling form, and the therapists cover the patients face and head with wet towels. Each pair take  1 to 2 minute to burn down. 
v. Hopi Ear Candle
The Hopi ear candles are manufactured with the aid of the traditional Hopi formula. These ear candles are about 22cms long. They burn for about 10 to 12 minutes. The therapists take the safety measures in the form of a filter that prevents the particles from dropping into, and when the candles are to be put out, then a maximum burning line is set up.
    vi. Ear Cones
Different from the traditional Hopi candles, the ear cones have wider and by design are much shorter. Cotton, propolis, or beeswax are used for making them and their burning time is around 5 to 7 minutes. As for safety features, these candles have a flame-breaking ring and a valve so that the particles are prevented before they drop into the ears.
 vii. Basic Ear Candles
The basic ear candles are often termed as the natural ear candles being made out of cotton wax, beeswax, or hemp. They vary in shapes and sizes and have rare specialized safety features.
Ear candling is the therapy to clean the ears from wax build-up, and even benefit the patients with several health benefits like eliminating tinnitus or ringing in ears, relieving sore throats, helps in blood purification, cures ear infections, heals earaches, and keeps the ear canal free from debris build-up and bacteria. To put the therapy into work, the therapists make sure they use the right candles for the process to prove its worth. 

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