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Chinese Herbal Medicine Brisbane

Chinese Herbal Medicine may assist the body in rebalancing, healing itself and restore homeostatsis. 

While Acupuncture works from the outside in, Chinese Herbal Medicine works from the inside out, so these two modalities in combination work wonderfully together.

A herbal prescription is given to suit the individual’s illness or imbalances. Concentrated granule herbal formulas, capsules and pills are used. These herbs are made up of bark, roots, flowers, leaves and animal products.

Chinese herbs are taken over a period of time until the body begins to heal itself.

   There are no endangered species used in this practice.


10 Weekly Herbal Medicine Consultation offered online

At Turning Point Acupuncture we are offering 10 weekly online herbal cosultation. Our Chinese Herbal Medicine 10 week membership program is a great way for taking the time out to look after your health. By joining, you're giving yourself an incentive to stay focused on your health goals with the support of a qualified therapist.

These appointments are suitable for:

  • All new and current clients receiving treatment or seeking Chinese Medicine consultation, diagnosis and personalised advice from our experienced practitioner.

  • Anybody who wants to invest in their health and well-being long-term

  • Those who don’t have time to come in for weekly 1hr Acupuncture session but still value their health

  • Clients who live far away in a rural area.

  • An elderly client with mobility challenges.

  • High-risk client who needs to stay home.


The benefits:

On going support for your long-term health at an affordable cost of $35 per week over 10 weeks. Our 2.5 month membership includes (organic available) herbal formula, and we also give lifestyle and dietary tips to help you manage stress and keep you healthy. 

By joining, you're giving yourself an incentive to stay focused on your health goals with the support of a qualified therapist.


Before your appointment time, you’ll be asked to complete our new patient form if you’re new to this clinic.  We offer an initial consultation for 30 mins for $50

  •  It's a 10-week (2.5 month) membership package.

  • You must agree to commit to the whole 10wks! 

  • You can pre-pay $450 includes the initial consultation and weekly consultation.

What does it include:

10 weeks (about 2.5 months) of weekly phone or video consultation to check-in to see how you're doing. It usually takes 6weeks   to see a significant change in your symptoms and for your body to make changes.
The condition of this service

The initial consultation is $50 and thereafter $35 weekly for 10 weekly follow-up sessions that must be undertaken for the whole 10 weeks.

(This membership is non-transferable and not to be passed onto others)


The only other cost is after the 10 weeks we do another follow-up $50

Whats involved in the initial consultation:

We discuss and diagnose your current state of health, supported with tongue diagnosis.

 We develop a customised Chinese herbal medicine for your individual symptoms, then we have weekly follow-up phone or video sessions over the 2.5 months (herbal formula are included in the price).

What happens after 10 weeks

We will have another follow-up consultation to check and see the changes that have occurred in your physical and emotional health for $50.


 (Usually, granulated herbal formula lasts around 4-5 weeks for $100 per bottle, this package is REAL value for money).

After your consultation, we will post Chinese herbal medicine directly to your home by Express Post.

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